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Long list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to Neighbourly and how the platform operates.

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About Neighbourly

What is Neighbourly

Neighbourly is an all-in-one giving platform which helps businesses donate volunteer time, money and surplus products to local good causes, to make a positive impact in their communities.

Who is Neighbourly for?

Neighbourly is for:

  • good causes that want to raise awareness and receive help.
  • businesses that want to support good causes with funds, employee volunteer time or surplus.
  • employees that want to support local causes.
Is Neighbourly a charity?

No, Neighbourly is B Corp - a for-profit company with a social mission. This enables us to scale sustainably and provide a platform which is free for charities to use.

Is Neighbourly free?

Neighbourly is free for good causes and individuals to use.

When an individual makes a donation to a charity, Neighbourly charges a small transaction fee to cover costs. This is 5% of the gross donation amount, excluding any Gift Aid declaration (which is exempt). There are no additional fees.

We charge companies an annual subscription, which means that 100% of company donations go to the charity.

Where do you operate?

We currently accept charities and community groups from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

Getting started

Do I need a Neighbourly account?

You can view the site and donate to Neighbourly charities without an account. However, with an account you can:

  • Create a page for a good cause
  • Follow and comment on pages
  • Volunteer for events
  • Keep track of all your activity in your dashboard
How do I sign up?

If you want to create a page for a charity or community group, get started here. If you just want an individual user account, head here. If you're enquiring as a business, please click here.

Why do you need to know my location?

Your location on a Neighbourly map is based on a postcode sector, rather than a specific address. You can move your map pin to wherever you like so that your real location is not shown. You can also make your profile private.

Your full postcode is held privately by Neighbourly so that we can identify you and provide you with relevant information.

If you are following a cause on Neighbourly, we will include your approximate location on the supporter map.

How do I edit my account details?

Head to Account settings - from here you can amend your profile, password and email address, access preferences, and connect social media accounts.

How do I support a good cause on Neighbourly?

Click 'Follow' on their page to stay informed, and use the built-in social links to share the page.

Click 'Volunteer' to lend a hand at an existing volunteer event, or register interest in helping out in the future.

Click 'Donate money' to make a donation using a credit or debit card.

Creating & managing Neighbourly pages

What is a Neighbourly page?

A Neighbourly page can help you raise awareness about your charity or community group, and receive donations of money, volunteer time and surplus food and products. You can encourage supporters to follow your page, as well as set up volunteer events and fundraising pots. Keeping your page up to date means we can provide you with the right opportunities as they come along.

How do I create a page for my charity or community group?

If you are new to Neighbourly, visit this page to get started.

If you already have a page, you should not create a second one for the same organisation. Log in and you’ll land on your dashboard where you’ll see a link to your existing page, and a handy edit icon lets you make changes.

Does my page need to be for a registered charity?

No, you can create a Neighbourly page for any good cause. However, only organisations with a registered charity number or Community Interest Company number are eligible to use the Individual Giving fundraising feature, allowing them to receive credit/debit card donations from members of the public. We recommend adding a charity/CIC number if you have one.

What should my page include?

Your page should tell us about your organisation and include a description of what you do. It should also include some goals, and an appropriate image, such as your logo. You should keep the page regularly updated so we can provide you with the right offers and opportunities.

What are page categories?

Choose a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). These are broad, top-level categories agreed by the UN. Select one that you feel best fits your organisation.

How do I promote my page?

You can use all of your social, digital and offline channels to spread the word and build followers. Social share buttons are located on every page, volunteer event and fundraising pot. You can also copy the link to your page and paste it into email footers or blogs.

Keep your page up to date so that potential supporters know what your current needs are. This also helps Neighbourly provide you with the right opportunities from our corporate partners.

How do I edit my page?

Log in and you’ll land on your dashboard. Click the pencil icon next to the page you wish to edit. The various page sections are on the left-hand side. Click the blue Save button when you've finished.

How do I invite an administrator to help manage my page?

You can invite a colleague as a page administrator to help you manage your page. This will give them editing rights so they can also amend content, create and edit events, fundraising pots, etc.

To invite an administrator by email, edit your page and click the Page admins section.

What is the activity score?

This is an indicator of how active a page is. Various factors, such as the number of followers, how often the page is shared, and whether content is being added, affect activity score.

How do I create a volunteer event?

If you are new to Neighbourly click here to get started. You can create a volunteer event as part of the 'Goals' section.

If you already have a Neighbourly page, log in and click the pencil icon next to your page to enter Edit mode. Click the Volunteering section then the blue Create an opportunity button. Fill in the details, location and date/time of the event, and list the number of volunteers you'd like. Once you’ve published your event, you can share it using the social icons on the event page.

How do I create a fundraising pot?

If you are new to Neighbourly click here to get started. You can create a fundraising pot as part of the 'Goals' section. You'll be directed to set up an account with our payment provider, Stripe, so that you can securely receive any funds donated.

If you already have a Neighbourly page, log in and click the pencil icon next to your page to enter Edit mode. Click the Fundraising section then the blue Create fundraising pot button. Fill in the details including the purpose of the fundraising, add a good photo, then save. Remember to share the pot on your social networks once it’s published.

For more information, please see our fundraising FAQs.

How do I add a donation received by cash / cheque to a fundraising pot?

You can log these donations on your fundraising pot to show how they have helped progress towards your goal. Go to your pot and click the Add money raised button.

If the donation is from a company or branch with which you have a Neighbourly relationship there will be options for you to associate the funds with that branch or company. Once you've done this the company will receive a notification and be able to view the donation online.

What is a 'verified' page and how does my organisation get verified?

Before an organisation can start fundraising or collecting food, or join a campaign, its Neighbourly page must have a ‘verified’ status. This helps us reduce risk, protect donors and volunteers and maintain confidence. Verification involves us checking that the charity or group is viable and trustworthy before we recommend it to clients and users of our platform. Your organisation's page will automatically be verified if it passes the approval process for either fundraising or food donations.

If you would like us to verify your organisation, please email verify@neighbourly.com with a link to your Neighbourly page. Verification is quicker and easier if all the sections of your Neighbourly page are filled in. In some cases we may ask for further information.

How do I delete my page?

Please contact us to request deletion of your page.

Receiving surplus donations

How do I apply to collect surplus donations?

1 - Register for free by creating a page on Neighbourly for your organisation. Your page should include a detailed summary about your organisation and how you will use the food donations, as well as any supporting website/social media links and pictures. See the ‘What information do I need to include’ FAQ below. If you already have a Neighbourly page, login and edit the page by adding the information above and completing the ‘food approval’ section.

By setting up a page you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please note that you must be an established community organisation, school or charity to join. Surplus donations are free and we do not partner with PLCs or for-profit organisations for these schemes.

2 - Upload a current Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate (dated with the last 2.5 years) to the 'food approval' section of your page. A Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate is a minimum requirement to join the Neighbourly surplus schemes as this provides assurance that there is a knowledge of food safety (for transporting, storing and redistributing) within the organisation. Alternatively, you can add a link to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Rating for your premises.

Our vetting team will aim to review your page within 1 week. We may have to ask you for more information about your work before we can approve your page for surplus collections. All information regarding your activity should be uploaded to your Neighbourly page.

If you are approved for surplus collections we will then get in touch with any availability at stores within 6 miles of your premises. Please note that we might not get in touch straight away - this is dependent on the collection slots we have available and may take some time. Please do not pick up surplus from our partner stores until you have received a confirmation email from us and a notification to say that a donation is available.

How can I get a food hygiene certificate if I don’t already have one?

You can search online for ‘Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene training’ or ask your local council. We can recommend this short course by Virtual College which can be completed online within 2-3 hours.

What information do I need to include on my Neighbourly page?

To be approved for surplus collections, your page should ideally include:

- How the surplus will be used and who will be benefiting from it

- How you identify service users and their needs

- What premises your group operates from

- If there is a charge for the service(s) provided by your organisation

- If you are a registered charity, CIC, social enterprise or non-profit organisation

- Any other services your organisation provides other than food support

- If your group currently collects surplus from any other retailers

- If there have been any local media articles or similar that demonstrate your organisation's work in the community

- Any photographs of the work your organisation does

- Any partnership with other local good causes or council members who may be able to provide a reference

- Recent social media links

How do I add another administrator to my page?

To add another administrator, the page lead should login to their dashboard, choose the relevant page and select ‘Edit’, then go to the ‘Page admins’ section and enter the details of the person they wish to invite.

Where can I find information about the terms and conditions that I am agreeing to?

You can find this information in the Neighbourly Food Terms and Conditions. Please take particular note of the section on the Transportation, Storage, Handling, Traceability and use of Products.

Why am I not receiving any notifications about surplus?

There are a number of reasons why you might not have received any notifications. It is possible that your Neighbourly page may not be approved for collections, or there may not be any available slots in your local area. If you know that your page is already approved, and in the schedule to collect, it may be that your partner store is not making any donations.

To check the progress of your application, or if there are issues with a partner store, please contact the surplus team on food@neighbourly.com.

How do I add a collection break?

If you are unable to collect surplus for a period of time, you should add a collection break. Log in to your dashboard and click 'Collection schedule' then 'Add a break', and enter your start and end dates. This will pause all of your store collections for that time. If you want to add a break for certain stores but not others, please contact us.

I have a problem with my food donations – who should I contact?

Contact Neighbourly in the first instance. We may ask you to contact your partner store if it is something that can best be resolved locally.


How can I get approved for credit card donations via Neighbourly?

At present, registered charities and community interest companies (CICs) are eligible to fundraise on Neighbourly via individual giving. Once you’ve published your Neighbourly page, log in and click the pencil icon to enter Edit mode. Complete the Individual donations section then click Connect to Stripe.

Set up an account with our third-party payment provider, Stripe, so that we can securely transfer (or refund) any money donated. Our team will then need to approve your application, which normally takes around three working days.

What information do you check as part of the vetting process?

Neighbourly will check information found at https://www.gov.uk/find-charity-information. We'll also use additional sources of publicly-available information. We reserve the right to withdraw fundraising approval from a charity at any time.

How do I register my charity with HMRC to receive Gift Aid?

To register with HMRC you'll need to register online or fill in the HMRC CASC Registration Form (CASC(A1). To find out more about applying to become Gift Aid registered visit https://www.gov.uk/claim-gift-aid/overview.

Can I receive Gift Aid on donations?

Yes – as part of the approval process, you'll be given the option to provide information about your participation in the HMRC Gift Aid scheme. By doing this, you'll be declaring that your charity is legally compliant with the requirements for Gift Aid, is registered with HMRC under the Gift Aid scheme, and that the fundraising activity you're undertaking is eligible under the rules of the scheme.

Donors will be offered the option to include a Gift Aid declaration as part of their donation. By doing this they confirm that they're a UK taxpayer and eligible for Gift Aid, and wish your charity to reclaim the tax paid under the Gift Aid scheme.

What is Stripe, and can I trust it with my details?

Stripe is an international online payment provider which lets people make card payments safely and securely. When you set up an account with Stripe, Neighbourly won't see any of your account details (account numbers, username, password etc.), these are held solely with Stripe. Their service also allows us to protect donors by processing card payments securely without their details being stored or processed by Neighbourly or charities.

A number of organisations use Stripe to handle their payments including Comic Relief, Apple Pay and Deliveroo.

When will we receive the funds?

Donations made via Neighbourly will show in your Stripe account (minus the 5% fee) straight away. Stripe will subsequently transfer the funds into your nominated bank account. The first payment from your Stripe account to your bank account is made seven days after the date of your first donation. After this, payments are made on a seven-day rolling basis. For example, a donation made on a Monday would be paid into your bank account on the following Monday.

Are there any fees for fundraising?

We charge a small transaction fee equal to 5% of the gross donation, exclusive of any Gift Aid declaration. Fees are deducted automatically through Stripe before donations are credited to your account. There are no additional fees.

Our aim is to cover our costs for the service and ensure charities know exactly what they will receive. We feel this is the fairest and most transparent way of charging for everyone involved.

Can donors cancel a donation?

Donors will only be able to cancel a donation if they contact us within 48 hours after it is authorised on the website. After this time, donors will need to contact you directly to request a refund, which will be at your discretion. Where a refund is provided, any fees charged by Stripe will also be returned.

How will I know what donations I have received?

Your Neighbourly page will show details of the donations you have received to date, along with a running total. You can also access a report from your dashboard. Donations will appear in the report 30 days after they have been made. This is to allow for any cancellations or changes to Gift Aid declarations.

Why are some donations shown as anonymous?

When a donation is made, the donor is given the option of not showing their name with the donation. These donations will show up as anonymous on Neighbourly. However, they will be included in your donation reporting so you can reclaim Gift Aid, if applicable.

How do I add a donation received to a fundraising pot?

If you have received a donation to your fundraising activity directly (not through Neighbourly) you can still log this on the site to show how it has helped towards your goal. Go to the relevant fundraising pot and click on 'Add money raised'.

If the donation is from a company or branch with which you have a relationship on Neighbourly, there will be options to associate it with that branch or company. The company will receive a notification and be able to view the donation online.

Volunteer events

What sort of volunteering opportunities can I advertise?

Volunteer events on Neighbourly are typically used to recruit volunteers for one-day activities. You can set up multiple one-day events if you wish. Events can be used to request any type of skill set, which you can describe in the event listing.

You can also use an event listing to recruit longer-term volunteer positions. If this is what you need, we recommend mentioning this as part of your Neighbourly page description, so volunteers can see what is available both long and short term, and get in touch to offer help.

How do I create multiple or regular volunteer events?

If you have a regular event or opportunity, you can use the ‘clone opportunity’ tool to create a copy of an existing event, then just amend relevant details. For example, if it's a regular weekly event you can change the date each time.

How do I manage the volunteers signing up?

The system creates an attendee list for you. You can download this list, including contact details, from the event page. If you've asked to approve volunteers, you'll receive an email when someone wants to volunteer, and you'll need to log in to accept them. You can message volunteers individually via Neighbourly.

Can I add my own volunteers?

If you have volunteers attending who aren't registered on Neighbourly, you can record the number of extra attendees after the event has begun. The event page will show these as extra volunteers from the community.

Can I get volunteers from companies?

If a company would like to support your events with employee volunteers, you'll be notified by email and you'll be able to offer a number of event spaces to that company.

Can I thank volunteers after the event?

Neighbourly will send out a quick email to thank people who signed up.


Where can I find charities or groups that need volunteers?

Head to neighbourly.com/volunteering - click on an event to find out more information about it, and use the 'Volunteer' button to sign up.

How do I cancel my offer to volunteer?

If your plans change and you can no longer attend, log in, then click the 'Cancel my attendance' button on the event page.

What if my preferred charity doesn’t have any events set up?

If you'd like to help out at a charity but there's nothing listed, you can register your interest in the Volunteering tab. The charity will be notified, and we'll let you know when an opportunity has been created.

I want to volunteer as part of my company - can I do this?

If your employer has a volunteer programme that they would like to run though Neighbourly, please ask them to contact us: hello@neighbourly.com.

Making a donation

Have the charities on Neighbourly been vetted?

All pages that are approved for fundraising are for a registered charity or Community Interest Company and have been vetted and approved by Neighbourly. The charity must have the appropriate authorisation, permit or licence to operate as a charity, as required by the local laws of the territory in which it operates.

What will my donation be spent on?

The fundraising page will specify what the charity is fundraising for, and you should make sure you're completely happy with this information before making a donation. Charities reserve the right to use your donation for general purposes. If you want your donation to be used for a specific purpose, or you have any concerns, you should contact the charity directly.

Can I cancel a donation?

You can cancel your donation on Neighbourly within 48 hours of making the payment. After this time, you will need to contact the charity directly.

How will my payment be handled?

All donations need to be made by a payment card (e.g. a debit card or credit card). Our payment provider, Stripe, will process the transaction. All transactions, financial data and the transfer of funds is managed and handled entirely by Stripe, and you'll be subject to Stripe's Terms & Conditions. Once your credit or debit card provider approves the transaction, Stripe will arrange the transfer of funds to the chosen charity.

Are there any fees on my donation?

We charge a 5% transaction fee on every donation to cover costs incurred (excluding any Gift Aid declaration).

Can I include Gift Aid?

Yes – you may be offered the option to include a Gift Aid declaration on your donation. By doing this you confirm that you're a UK taxpayer and eligible for Gift Aid, and wish the charity to reclaim the tax paid under the Gift Aid scheme. Please check whether you qualify for Gift Aid before making a donation – if in doubt, HMRC may be able to help.

What information do I need to give to make a donation?

We'll need your name, postal address (if the donation includes a Gift Aid declaration), email address and details of the credit or debit card account that you wish to use to fund the donation. You must confirm that you're aged 16 or above to register on the Neighbourly website.

In some cases, we may ask you to provide us with additional personal information to fulfil our legal responsibilities before your transaction is completed. We will keep the personal data you provide to facilitate the donation and provide the charity with the information they need to process, audit and report on donations received and enable them to support claims made under the Gift Aid scheme.

Can my donation be made anonymously?

Yes - you have the option of not showing your name alongside the donation on the website. Your details will be shared privately with the charity as part of their reporting so they can manage and audit donations and claims under the Gift Aid scheme. Where a Gift Aid declaration has been made, the charity will also provide these details to HMRC as part of their Gift Aid claim process.

I think there was a problem with my payment?

Contact us on 0117 422 0866 or send us an email at support@neighbourly.com. Please include your name, telephone number, email address, the time you made the donation, the name of the charity and the donation value. If there was a reference number provided at the time you made the donation, please quote this too.

How do I make a complaint about the behaviours of a charity?

Please contact us and we'll look into your concerns.

Becoming a Neighbourly business

What type of support can I give to charities on Neighbourly?

You can donate money, employee volunteer time, or surplus food and products.

How do I enquire about a business membership?

Please contact us here.

What commitment do I need to make as part of my membership?

We suggest companies join Neighbourly with an initial pledge of volunteer days or funding to support local charities. There is no commitment to donate anything until you've found suitable charities/causes.

Can I bring my preferred charities into Neighbourly?

Yes – we'll be happy to on-board any of your nominated charities. We'll discuss this as part of the setup process.

How do I find good causes in a specific location?

You can set up a simple location-based search in your company dashboard. If you're looking for additional charities for a funding or volunteer programme, Neighbourly can help with sourcing.

I would like to donate surplus food and products – how do I go about this?

Click here to send us a message.

Managing a company account

How do I set up my company page?

We'll send you a set up pack once your subscription is confirmed. We will be on-hand to guide you through setting this up and support with future edits on your page.

How do I edit my company page and pledge?

Once logged in, you’ll find these options in your company dashboard.

How do I edit my profile and account settings?

These can be found in your user dashboard.

How do I donate money to a charity?

Click the Donate money button on the charity’s Neighbourly page. This will send an offer to the charity for their approval. After the offer is accepted, we suggest using a partner agreement document to agree on how the money will be spent. You can then arrange transfer of funds.

We have raised funds and given this to the charity as cash / a cheque. Is this shown on Neighbourly?

If you've raised money for a charity (for example through in-store collections) this may be given to the charity as cash or a cheque, but it can still be recorded on Neighbourly. A company admin or the charity lead can log the donation against a specific company and branch, so it is tracked in your donations on the platform.

How do I offer volunteer time to a charity?

You can contact any charities you would like to work with via the 'Contact' button on their page to invite them to be a part of your volunteering campaign. Once confirmed, you can use the 'Add to Campaign' button. Otherwise, provide your Neighbourly Account Manager with a list of the charities and they will arrange this for you.

How do I set up an employee volunteering voucher code?

You can create and manage your vouchers in your company dashboard.

How do I ask a charity for more information?

You can contact a charity lead via Neighbourly - just use the 'Contact' button on their page.

Can I ask my staff or stores to nominate charities?

Yes – coordinate this directly with your staff, then provide us with a list of nominated charities you'd like us to on-board.

How do I set up a company administrator or ambassador?

You can manage these roles from your company dashboard.

What's the difference between administrators and ambassadors?

An administrator is a colleague who can help you manage your company account and programmes. We suggest inviting one or two admins.

Ambassadors are typically employees who can follow and support causes in locations where you operate, e.g. branch or store managers.

How do I set up company branches?

You can add and manage your company's branches in your company dashboard.


I need help!

Call us on 0117 422 0866 or click here to send us an email.

Is my information private?

Yes. Neighbourly lets you control what information you share publicly. Your contact details are not shown on the website. Your location on any Neighbourly map is based on a postcode sector - not a specific building. You can move your map pin to wherever you like when creating your account so that your real location is not shown. You may also choose to anonymise your user profile so that it does not show a location at all.

We take data protection very seriously - your personal details are held privately by Neighbourly for the purposes of providing you with relevant information and support. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How do I edit or change my account details?

These options can be found on your dashboard under 'Account settings'. From here you can edit your profile, change your password and email, access settings, and link social media accounts.

I've forgotten my password

Don't worry! Just click 'Log in' followed by the 'Forgotten password' link. We'll send you an email to reset your password. If you don’t see the email within a minute or two, check your spam folder.

The page owner has left the organisation – can I take ownership of the page?

Yes - just sign up for a user account on Neighbourly, then contact us and request that we add you to the page.

I can't view the Neighbourly website - do I need a specific browser?

Neighbourly should work with almost any browser. However, if you are running an outdated version of Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9 or 10) on an older operating system such as Windows 7 or 8, you will need to update your browser before you can view the site.

How do I find a particular charity's page?

Click the search icon at the top of the site and enter the name of the organisation. You can refine your search using the additional filter options.

What does 'following' mean?

A follower is someone interested in hearing about the cause’s progress, volunteer opportunities or campaigns. Followers receive notifications when there is activity on the page.

Do I have to accept an offer of money from a company?

No, you can politely decline if you decide that your interests don't match.

Can I send private messages on Neighbourly?

You can contact other users via the internal messaging system. It isn’t possible to message company leads.

Can under-16s use the site?

Children under 16 can use the site, but a parent or guardian will need to complete a permission form due to the site using location data. Contact us for more information.

Can I use the Neighbourly logo?

Yes, as long as it's used for promoting charities/causes that are on the Neighbourly platform. A logo pack can be downloaded here. Neighbourly is a registered trademark.

Raising a complaint

If you wish to raise a concern or complaint about the Neighbourly volunteering, donation management or food redistribution programmes, please click here to email the Support Team. Alternatively you can write to us at:

Neighbourly Ltd

DeskLodge House

Redcliffe Way

Bristol BS1 6NL

You may be aware that at Neighbourly we have a Code of Ethics. It is important to us that we take feedback to improve our service for the future in line with this code, so your feedback is appreciated. We also ask that our community members commit to this standard.


Long list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to Neighbourly and how the platform operates.