Who is neighbourly?

20 September 2013
We thought it might be polite to introduce ourselves.  It won’t take long as there’s just three of us working front-of-house right now :-)Nick had the idea for neighbourly last year and has been developing the business ever since. But he wouldn’t have got there without Zoe’s incredible project management skills and understanding of just what it takes to deliver a community project.Joining the team this week in the role of Community Manager is Jane. Jane’s going to help build our understanding of what projects are looking for. She’s also going to help manage all the conversations that are going to happen within the site and in the real world.And that’s the point of saying hello – to tell you that whilst we’re a small team we really do want to hear your feedback and ideas. We’ve got some big developments in the pipeline the next few months - your feedback will help us determine what’s most important and the right order to do things. You can get us at hello@neighbourly.com or via the HELP tab on the side of the screen.Over-and-out…Nick