The companies – when are they coming?

20 September 2013
So, how do you get an idea like neighbourly off the ground? We’ve spoken to lots of companies in the last 6 months and they all love the neighbourly idea. But they need to see projects before they can make a pledge - they need project owners to prove that they can get whole communities involved and that neighbourly really does help make it happen.So we’re asking you to go first. We’re asking you to bring your projects and spread the word for a few weeks whilst we talk to companies about what you’re looking for. We’ll then announce a group of ‘Founder Companies’ and switch them on together to a fanfare of national appreciation and applause! :-)neighbourly is designed to work for the biggest multi-national right down to your local independent store. If you work for a company that you think might be interested, get in touch! Hit the ‘Join’ button and send us your details.How quickly companies come is up to you. It’s all about the projects… (you get the idea).Nick