Neighbourly Awarded ISO27001 Accreditation

7 October 2022

As a business that uses technology to build strong and sustainable communities, remaining on top of cyber challenges and being committed to securing the data of our partners and good causes is paramount. For this reason, Neighbourly is very proud to announce that we have just been awarded an ISO27001 certification, making us the only company in our sector to have achieved security credentials of this level.

ISO27001 is one of the most widely recognised and internationally accepted information security standards designed to help global businesses set up, administer and maintain information security management systems. The certification confirms that we identify and manage risks consistently and measurably.

What does this mean for Neighbourly’s community?

  • From data asset classification to physical security, our certification means that any potential security gap has been identified and sufficiently protected against so anywhere your information is stored has been assessed and secured

  • Neighbourly is committed to being routinely audited by an accredited, independent certification body, as well as internal auditing, monitoring and reviewing, to ensure the protection of data grows along with the business 

  • Your data and security teams can be assured that we take your company or charity information protection extremely seriously and with our ISO27001 certificate it is now easier to communicate this

Achieving this level of security certification is the result of a huge amount of work and commitment from everyone at Neighbourly as we continue to challenge ourselves to reach the highest standards within our industry. 

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