About Neighbourly and How To Get Involved
Find out about Neighbourly - the award-winning social platform for charities, communities, volunteers and businesses. Meet the team and see how you can get involved.

We’re building a neighbourly world to make it easier for people to help one another

Neighbourly was set up in 2014 by a group of like-minded people that believed there was a new way to significantly grow community investment, by making it easier for people to ask for, and to give help.

We were one of the UK’s very first B Corporations, meaning we’re a for-profit company certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Together with our fellow B Corps we are redefining how sustainable communities are built and what success in business means.

Through the Neighbourly platform, people from the largest corporations, to the smallest neighbourhoods are finding it easier to discover and support local community causes – meaning these organisations can get more of the essential funding, manpower and expertise they need to continue their incredible work.

How do I get involved?

There are lots of ways to be neighbourly. Most of us wear different ‘hats’ so you could be fundraising for your school’s new football pitch one month and volunteering with your company’s local charity partner the next. Neighbourly is designed so people and purposeful businesses can donate all kinds of things in one place – time, money, skills, food and more.


Create a free Neighbourly page to describe the work your charity or community group does locally and the support you need. Your page can be used to build followers, receive donations online, post volunteer opportunities and receive surplus food from businesses.


Fundraise for a charity or CIC by using Neighbourly as your fundraising website. Receive online donations directly into the charity’s bank account and record and celebrate the funds raised in partnership with local businesses.


Volunteer to lend a hand in your area and meet new people. Search for local volunteer opportunities and sign up online. Or simply find a good cause that’s nearby and ask if you can help – many Neighbourly charities are volunteer-run.


Get a company involved to create partnerships with local charities, facilitate company-giving and volunteering, donate your surplus and measure your contribution to the communities where you operate.

Meet the team

Everyone at Neighbourly values what we do – connecting the building blocks of society to make a meaningful and measurable difference. You’ll often see us out and about lending a hand in our own communities. We take pride in our work and we’re driven by a shared purpose – to bring about a more neighbourly way of being.

If you'd like to stay in touch and hear more about your local community - it's easy to get started by setting up your free profile.

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