Helping businesses volunteer with local causes
Local causes want your help and Neighbourly makes it easy for employees to get involved and build community connections.

Volunteering with local good causes

Volunteering is an impactful way for you and your teams to support the communities where you operate, whether that's delivered remotely or face-to-face. Redefine employee engagement by ensuring your colleagues have practical ways to apply their skills, from wherever they are based.
3 reasons volunteering is great for your business
You’re giving back
Employee volunteering builds strong, lasting relationships with your staff, your customers and their communities. Consumers now place more importance on a company’s CSR reputation (60%) than their products (40%)

Source: The Reputation Institute's 2017 study of CSR reputations globally
It develops skills
Volunteering is proven to help develop skills like leadership, management, communication and goal-setting, not only among your employees but also for the groups they support.
It helps attract new talent
Today’s employees want to volunteer as part of their career opportunities. 84% of Millennials say they’d like their company to help them identify ways to get more involved in their communities, in a meaningful way.

Source: 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study
Employee wellbeing
Providing volunteer opportunities supports the wellbeing of your staff.
80% said the volunteering experience made them happier.
72% said it had allowed them to improve their skills.
100% said they felt proud to work for their company, as a result of volunteering.

Source: Neighbourly Health & Happiness Survey 2017

The Neighbourly platform connects your teams to thousands of local charities and community causes to create positive outcomes.
Volunteering at scale? We make it easy
Starting an employee volunteer programme is easy with Neighbourly:

- You can create programmes of any size; year-round or as a one-off campaign; delivered remotely or face-to-face.
- We’ll support you to get your whole company connected to local causes they care about.
- Your programme will be managed by our team of experts.
Measure the impact you make
From clearing miles of river to teaching school children how to manage money, we’ll give you insight into the impact your organisation is having.

- Measure the impact of volunteer programmes at company or branch level.
- Get detailed reports for your own CSR and management reporting.
- Help the causes you support to also understand their impact through shared analysis.
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