Helping businesses donate surplus to local causes
Redistributing your surplus can change lives. We connect you with thousands of local good causes that support those most in need.

Donating surplus to local good causes

We ensure your product surplus is put to good use in the community - whether it’s food and drink or toiletries, books and household goods. Work with a team of surplus redistribution experts, supported by a platform transacting thousands of donations every day.
No food should go to waste while people go hungry.
In the UK, 1 in 3 children are living in poverty and an estimated 14 million people, one fifth of the nation’s population, are suffering in ‘impossible situations’ where paying bills and putting food on the table can be incredibly difficult. Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2018

We know that surplus food isn't a long-term solution to poverty, but while as a country we waste 9.5 million tonnes of food every year, we believe we should be respectful of the world's resources by diverting as much as possible to feed people in need.

Donating your surplus can change lives and we make the process simple for you. It’s all about getting your food surplus direct to the groups that can put it to good use. And importantly, the surplus is free for every local cause to use.
Leaders in redistribution
Whether you need regular collections or ad-hoc pick-ups, you can benefit from our vast network of local causes to provide full network coverage, with everything donated supporting local communities.

We also work with manufacturers to redistribute pallet-loads of products from distribution centres.
A vast network of local causes
Neighbourly is home to a network of over 22,000 charities, schools and community groups across the UK and Ireland. All charities and community groups are verified and have the necessary standards of food hygiene.

It’s all about getting your surplus direct to the people who need it most: homeless centres, schools, breakfast clubs, community centres, community fridges, community cafes, night shelters, refuges, churches and hospices.
What you get from us
You benefit from a fully managed service. All charity schedules and collections are managed by us to make it easy for you to achieve maximum redistribution.

We offer full traceability of all donated product surplus, so you can measure and report with confidence, and meet legislative requirements.

We’ve signed up to WRAP’s Courtauld 2025 Commitment to support the industry in reducing food and drink waste by at least 20% and halve it by 2030.
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