Helping businesses donate to local good causes
Support community causes for maximum local impact. Connect with thousands of verified charities and see the positive change your donations make.

Donating to local good causes

Through central grant management or localised fundraising, we help you get money to where it matters most: local good causes
Donate locally and build trust
Trust amongst community stakeholders is essential to ensure happy, healthy neighbourhoods. Local charities are highly regarded, with 84% of people in the UK saying they are more likely to trust a business that supports local charities, compared with 70% for national charities and 46% for international charities.

96% of people are more likely to buy goods or services from a company they trust.

Source: Neighbourly / YouGov Trust Research 2020
Safe, fast distribution of funds
Through the Neighbourly Foundation (charity 1189514) we manage the distribution of funds, safely, to trusted causes that you can be sure are making a difference locally.

Our network of over 22,000 small charities and community organisations are pre-vetted by our experts, meaning the application process is quick and easy and we can respond without delay with the distribution of grants when the need arises.
A free resource for charities and causes
We provide a valuable, cost effective solution for you and the local good causes you want to support.

Using our platform is entirely free for local causes. Our managed service for businesses means that small charities and community groups can benefit fully from your donations – helping to ensure their resources go further.
Maximum impact
Our impact reports give you a clear picture of where and how your donations have made a difference to the communities your business and your employees care about.

Your local fundraising and grant programmes are tracked at a community level, allowing you to showcase real environmental and social impact.
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