Helping businesses donate to local good causes
Support community causes for maximum local impact. Connect with thousands of verified charities and see the positive change your donations make.

Donating to local good causes

Through grant management and fundraising, we help you get money to where it matters most: local good causes
Donate locally and build trust
Trust amongst community stakeholders is essential to ensure happy, healthy neighbourhoods. Local charities are highly regarded, with 83% of people in the UK stating they trust local charities more, compared with 66% for national charities and 39% for international charities.

Trust is significantly higher in companies that give locally with 80% of people in the UK trusting companies more if they support local good causes.

Source: Neighbourly / YouGov Trust Research 2019
A free resource for charities and causes
We provide a valuable, cost effective solution for you and the local good causes you want to support. Using the platform for business donations is entirely free for local causes – helping to ensure their resources go further.
Safe distribution of funds
- We make finding and donating to good causes easy.
- We carefully verify all our charities and good causes, saving you time.
- We manage the distribution of funds, safely, to trusted causes that you can be sure are making a difference locally.
Maximum impact
Demonstrate your company’s commitment by giving directly to the communities you care about and showcase the positive impact of your fundraising efforts.

We find and connect you with local charity partners and track your financial donations at a community level.
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