How Charities Can Fundraise Online With Nbrly
Are you looking for a fundraising website for your charity or CIC? Use Neighbourly to create a free project page and fundraising pot.

Why use Neighbourly

Promote what your charity needs
Build followers that can share your message
Create fundraising campaigns
Connect with local businesses

How it works


Create your project and fundraising pages – say what help you need


Get noisy! Share your page to spread the word and call for supporters


Receive donations and offers of help from local businesses and the community

Some of our supported projects

Shrewsbury Food Hub

Shrewsbury Food Hub

Marksbury Primary School - Computers for Pupils

 Marksbury Primary School - Computers for Pupils.

Norwich FoodHub

Norwich FoodHub

What our community says

“What an amazing year this has been. We’ve raised a staggering £21,000 and the staff and customers at the local store have been nothing short of fantastic.”


Woodlands Hospice

“Neighbourly contacted me and said, 'we've got a big retail company that want to come down and help you guys' and I said, 'let's go!"


Brixton Soup Kitchen

"Amazing partnership, this will help so many projects and charities in the area - thank you."


City Harvest

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