How Charities and Community Groups Can Use Nbrly
Does your charity or community project need funds, volunteers or surplus donations? Create a free page on Neighbourly.

Why use Neighbourly

Promote your work and say what help you need
Find local volunteers that want to help
Get alerts about what surplus is available near you
Build followers that can help share your message
Create fundraising campaigns and receive online donations
Connect with helpful businesses

How it works


Create your project and add your goals - say what help you need.


Share your page to spread the word and ask people to come and support you.


Receive donations and offers of help from businesses and the community.

What our charities say

Neighbourly charity - Re:storeRe:storeAnya Willis

"Through the use of the Neighbourly website, we've been able to raise our profile in a different dimension"

Neighbourly charity - Brixton Soup KitchenBrixton Soup KitchenSolomon Smith

"Neighbourly contacted me and said 'we've got a big retail company that want to come down and help you guys' and I said 'let's go!"

Neighbourly charity - Making for CharityMaking for CharityJulie Taylor

"I love the idea of showcasing volunteering locally and encouraging people to volunteer within their own community. I immediately knew that my project would be a perfect fit"

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