Reduce Food waste

Why use Neighbourly

A simple, flexible service with charity vetting and ongoing support
Tools to track, manage and scale food waste redistribution efficiently
Charities access food donations and support at no charge
Transparency around food surplus and the communities it’s helping

How it works


Your branches list their surplus food on Neighbourly


Matched local charities are alerted by email or text message


The charity picks up the surplus and it’s used to feed people who need it

Companies redistributing surplus with Neighbourly

What our community says

“The Neighbourly platform has helped us go beyond just food. By digitally connecting our stores with local projects we can help enable our employees and customers to take part in positive action in their own backyard”

Louise Nicholls

Head of responsible sourcing at M&S

“Neighbourly have done a great job in helping to facilitate this interaction by connecting us with the right charities, opening up communication and helping us maintain those tight relationships”

Mark Newbold

CSR manager at Lidl

"A fantastic service, and wonderful to achieve support from local retailers, which has helped us massively to conserve funding, to support delivery of our daily nutritional lunches and aid our referrals with food parcels”

Cultivate 4 Life (charity)

Bishop Auckland

Frequently asked questions

Who is Neighbourly?

We connect charity and community projects with people and businesses that want to donate time, money and surplus goods. We bring people together in the ‘cloud’, to bring them together on the ground.

How many charities are you connected to?

Currently there are over 600 charities collecting food surplus, with more ready to start. We have over 5,000 projects currently using the platform and have a great team that can source new projects in your preferred locations.

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge charities and communities anything to receive your donations. We invite businesses to pay a subscription fee to redistribute surplus through and we can offer additional help to manage your programme. Please contact us for more information on packages.

What’s special about it?

We offer simple, sophisticated technology that tracks and reports on food donations combined with a central office team to recruit and support projects. And we go further by providing a free service that helps charities connect with volunteers and funding.

How does it work?

Store teams create donations on the website to alert partner charities whenever surplus is available. Alerts can be created on mobile or desktop in under 1 minute. Recipients receive the alerts and can decline or collect at the agreed time.

What kind of organisations collect the surplus?

A wide range of charities, food banks, homeless shelters, community cafes and soup kitchens. We can match your stores with appropriately vetted local projects.

How will I know what is happening locally?

Neighbourly gives you a private dashboard where you can track and manage your network’s activity, as well as public pages where stores, customers and stakeholders can see the donations.

How do you ensure the scheme is safe?

We follow a trusted process to ensure our recipient charities and community groups are trained in food safety and will act responsibly. Our Neighbourly Food Terms of Reference cover all food donations.

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Neighbourly Food connects your surplus food and food-on-the-go to local charities, including food banks, homeless shelters, community cafes and soup kitchens, feeding people in need and helping you contribute to your local community.