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Why Neighbourly

Connect with thousands of community projects matched to your company mission and employee values
One place to get inspired, sign-up to volunteer and track the action, with the option to include funding and in-kind donations too
Capture stories and showcase achievements to boost employee engagement
Measure employee sentiment, progress towards business goals and your contribution to society

Companies using Neighbourly volunteering

What our community says

"In Neighbourly we found a partner who could connect us with charities and those people that needed our help. It's a fantastic example of what the power of people can achieve and that business truly can be a force for good"

Alex King

Global Internal Communications, Culture & Employee Engagement at The Body Shop

"I have met the most special people and have worked with 24 of the most amazing and motivated M&S colleagues... but most of all I've had the time of my life and felt real purpose, an absolute career highlight"

Charlotte Hayes

M&S Spark Something Good Leicester and Loughborough

“This project represented a real opportunity for us to bond as a team. We learned some real problem solving skills together and it was better than any course I’ve ever been on for team building skills"

Sam Cook

M&S Spark Something Good Leeds

Frequently asked questions

Who is Neighbourly?

We connect charity and community projects with people and businesses that want to donate time, money and even surplus goods. We bring people together in the ‘cloud’, to bring them together on the ground.

How many projects are you connected to?

We have over 5,000 projects currently using the platform and have a great team that can source new projects in your preferred locations.

What kind of events are run?

Our team-based volunteering opportunities have included skills workshops, community centre and garden make-overs, community farm days, decorating scout huts, beach/river cleans, tree planting, tea parties, community lunches and many more.

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge charities and communities anything to seek your help. We invite businesses to pay a small subscription fee to run volunteering programmes online at And depending on your internal resources, we can offer additional help to manage your programme for you. Please contact us for more information on packages.

What are the benefits?

Employee volunteering boosts wellbeing, learning and development opportunities and gives access to unique community experiences. Volunteers feel more connected to their employer, generating measurable improvements in employee engagement. In addition, the charities and community projects get the help they so desperately need to create a genuine and sustainable win-win.

How does it work?

Your volunteer activity is centred around a campaign page ‘hub’. Your employees can search and sign up to a range of charity projects, use their company-specific voucher codes and share their experiences through social media.

How can I keep track of activity?

Neighbourly gives you a private dashboard where you can track and manage your employee’s activity through voucher codes, as well as public campaign pages where staff, customers and stakeholders can see and share your activity.

How long do campaigns last?

Neighbourly can be used to facilitate seasonal or ongoing campaigns.

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Neighbourly is a social platform for employees to volunteer their time and skills in the local community.

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