10 tips on creating a successful neighbourly project.

22 October 2013
neighbourly balloonsSetting up a project in neighbourly is very simple, and completely free! Here’s our top tips for creating a successful project:

  1. Include photos. This makes the project ‘real’ for people visiting your page. The main image is the important one, but you can upload more in the gallery. Positive pictures with people in work best.

  2. Be clear. Do you need money, volunteer hours or both? Tell a good story about why this project needs to happen and exactly how much help you’d need to see that it does. Companies will want to know as much as possible about what they are backing.

  3. Break it downIf your project is large, break it down into separate projects needing smaller chunks of money or time – it’s easier to get a few companies to help on different sections rather than one to do the whole thing.

  4. Get your friends to join your project. Ask them to support you by writing posts, uploading images and sharing with their own social networks. The more people who support you, the more attractive your project is to companies that could help.

  5. Inviteproject admins’. These could be the people in your local project group or charity. They can help you share, post images and events or respond to comments on your page.

  6. Add tags to your project. (max 12). Tags help companies find the sort of projects that interest them. You can only select one ‘category’ so tags are really important in helping to label the project.

  7. SharePromote your project far and wide on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The more sharing you do, the higher your noise meter and the more chance you have of a company taking notice.

  8. Be active. Keep the page updated so supporters can see how you are progressing. Spending a couple of minutes on neighbourly every now and again will increase your noise score and make you even more visible to companies.

  9. Learn from other projects. There are great things happening all over the country. Check out other community projects, see which ones are successful and find out what works. You can find them using the search bar or homepage.

  10. Support other projects. Be a good neighbour by following other projects that interest you. This will help them and also help your own ranking on the site. They may also return the favour!

We'll make sure the noisiest projects get featured in our blogs, Twitter feed and newsletters.

Best of luck!