This week’s Project round-up

5 May 2015

This week we’re featuring a project offering free windsurfing to its cadets, an important edible garden in London, a wildlife space in need of restoration and a fantastic charity offering children fun and educational getaways in Scotland.

St. Raphael's Edible Garden, London

raph edible garden2

St. Raphael's Estate is one of the most deprived areas in Brent, London with a notorious reputation for gang related crime, high unemployment and anti social behaviour. There are no activities local to the site and the cost of fresh produce is a luxury for most. After years of campaigning, residents have finally secured a derelict plot of land in the centre of the estate to use for a food growing scheme. The site will be used by local residents to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. This will not only improve the quality of the food they eat, but provide a communal space for people to meet and work together and to promote the importance of food waste, conservation and recycling. The project will provide learning opportunities for young people as they are taught practical skills in growing and gardening. Families will be able to take part in cookery classes and learn about nutrition as well healthy eating.

What's needed? Funds to run the project, timber and tools.

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Coombe Brook Valley - Our Patch, Bristol


Bristol Nature Network are a group of young people who take action for nature, develop skills, share ideas and have fun! They have recently been given a patch of land in Coombe Brook Nature Reserve, an urban nature reserve that used to be managed by local groups but has fallen into wasteland. Together with local residents of the Speedwell community in Bristol - they want to turn this area into a wildlife space that both wildlife and people can enjoy. Eventually the space will be used a training ground for teaching environmental and ecology skills.

What's needed? Funds to run the project and tools to convert the space.

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Sail and Surf North East, Hartlepool


Sea Cadets teaches members a wide variety of skills to use at sea as well as social and personal skills, social skills and improving self esteem. Hartlepool Sea Cadets are hoping to provide the first centre in the North East that will offer free training and qualifications in sailing and windsurfing for young people. They have volunteers with the necessary qualifications to provide the training but are still in need of equipment!

What's needed? Funds to buy sailing dingies and windsurfing boards.

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HopScotch Children's Charity, Edinburgh


Hopscotch Children's Charity in Edinburgh offer respite breaks for children between 7-11 years old who suffer from domestic abuse, parental substance abuse, neglect, poverty, bereavement and more. They provide a safe, supportive and fun environment and 32 week long programme which sees them take out groups of children on all kinds of fun adventures. As well as educational activities, children are taken on beach trips, nature walks, cycling, climbing, horse riding and canoeing. Trained works support children and help to build self esteem and confidence to build a positive future. They work with a number of groups to identify children most in need from women's aid organisations, young carers groups and community groups.

What's needed? Replacement furniture for the respite centre and clothes for children visiting.

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– Sophie