Starbucks creates community panel

3 July 2015

For us at neighbourly, it’s been fantastic to work with Starbucks to help support the communities they serve. They are a company dedicated to working with local communities and that’s exactly the kind of team we love here at neighbourly!  Over Christmas, Starbucks and neighbourly worked together to create the #neighbourlynoise programme. Each of the 35 Starbucks’ districts across the UK nominated two charities to receive funding resulting in 70 neighbourly projects receiving a grand total of over £52,000. Take a look at this video and hear from a handful of these charities about how it helped.

Starbucks and its partners have also worked to build a field of dreams, helped some sea cadets go to sea and even created a music video. However, this is just a taste of the great work to come as they also have grand plans for the rest of the year… Starbucks have set up a community panel to help their staff have much more control over where funding goes and we are really pleased to announce a £50,000 match fund for charities being supported by local Starbucks stores. So watch this space and get making noise on neighbourly!