Something Exciting Is About To Happen!

28 April 2015

As we move towards the live pilot for Food Route, it really is bringing to the fore the amount of waste thats currently going to landfill each week which could be saved and connected with people who are in need.

Last week we held our first workshop with one of the large businesses that have joined our Food Route project and it was a fascinating meeting, hearing about how bins full of food regularly leave the back door of the shops.

There was a palpable excitement in the room around bringing this amount of waste down to a more sensible level, and not throwing away food that is edible just to replace it with newer stock on the shelves. It was also fabulous to hear members of staff from the stores say how thrilled they were to be a part of our pilot, really buying into the reality of the amount of surplus that there is and determined to start to make real change.

This week sees not only another workshop, but also the platform is being finalised and tweaked ready for the pilot to begin next week.  With Bristol being known for its independent shops and restaurants we are keen to ensure every food business in the city and the wider Bristol area knows about Food Route and can get on board.

It may only be that some places have a loaf and some coffee grounds each week but their contribution means that overall we are reducing the food industrys carbon footprint in the city, and with our perhaps ambitious aim being to reduce waste at the back door of each participating business by 25%, every small amount helps.

The Food Route pilot starts with around 35 businesses giving their surplus and a similar number of community groups at the other end ready to receive the food and use it to feed people.

As the pilot goes on, more and more businesses and groups will be welcomed on board so the transition from pilot to fully fledged should seem seamless. If you know of a business that you think would like to come on board do let us and them know, and equally stand up and shout if your community group can use some of the food being redirected through Food Route.

– Sara Venn, Incredible Edible Bristol

Food Route is a collaborative project led by FareShare SW, neighbourly.com, and Incredible Edible Bristol, that aims to use technology to take food that is to be sent to landfill and match it to community groups to ensure it is eaten.