neighbourly food

12 August 2015

Neighbourly food redistributes surplus food to where it is needed most in your community.

Every year, around 4.3m tonnes of edible food are wasted through food manufacturing and retail in the UK alone1. That’s why we’ve added food to neighbourly.com. Watch our video below to find out more:

Neighbourly food allows anyone in the food supply chain (retailers, manufacturers, distributors etc.) to post details of their food surplus online with location and expiry times. Charities can search for what they need or set up alerts, accept donations online and then arrange collection.

So far we've helped to distribute over 2 tonnes of surplus food to communities who need it most. We’re also distributing excess coffee grounds – great compost material for community growing projects!

If you're a suitable donor or charitable group and would like more information, please email food@neighbourly.com.

1. WRAP Estimates of waste in the food and drink supply chain (accessed online 18 August 2015)