Neighbourly Christmas film thanks clients and 4,000 strong army of local good causes

15 December 2021

This December Neighbourly has launched a film to celebrate and thank its corporate partners and the thousands of good causes that work tirelessly to support their local communities over the festive season and year round.

Winter can be a difficult time for the most vulnerable in our local communities - with small charities and causes often seeing a big spike in demand.

It’s a time where staff and volunteers alike work extra hard to make sure their communities are fed and supported over the Christmas period.

One month, 4M meals

During December alone, fourteen partners will donate over 4M meals worth of surplus food, 28,000 books, £300,000 in grants and 350 hours of employee volunteering.

None of this would be possible without the 4,000 local good causes that will be distributing these resources within their communities - positively impacting over 1.4M people each week..

Businesses that care

Getting resources such as surplus food, time, book donations and funds to local communities has a tremendous impact - and winter is often a time where the benefits are felt the most.

For our corporate partners, it’s a chance to demonstrate real purpose and care - whilst building on their commitments to taking real action to support our planet and the people living within it.

If you’re a business that wants to make an impact in your local community, read more about product surplus, grant management and employee volunteering on the Neighbourly website or follow us on LinkedIn.