Music and Memories with Superact

20 August 2014

Just back from Superact’s ‘Music and Memories’ session in Lawrence Hill, Bristol. Superact are an amazing not-for-profit arts organisation who use creativity and music to improve health and wellbeing. Their 'Music and Memories' project (in partnership with Reminiscence Learning) is specifically designed to link people with dementia and their carers with professional musicians. Anyone with even the smallest experience of dementia knows just how cruel memory loss can be. Music is a powerful force in life and perhaps no more so than when associated with memories. Lucy from Superact told me that memories with a strong musical association are often the last to be lost. And that was clearly in evidence today. Seeing faces awaken and hearing voices (some great singing voices!) come alive to ’Somewhere over the rainbow’ and other classics is amazing to behold. This is moving, important work. We must help @Superact-UK do more! Huge respect to @PaperMoonBand and violin duo Fiddlesticks for not just their performances, but their incredible ability to engage the audience. Keep it up all of you. - Nick