M&S Launches Spark Something Good

28 July 2015
  1. We are excited to announce the newly created M&S Spark Something Good programme, developed to inspire and motivate employees and customers to donate their time, not just their money, to local communities. On Wednesday 29th July in London, M&S, its customers and employees, along with members of local communities (and some of the neighbourly team) worked on completing 24 community projects in 24 hours! You can keep up to date with each project on their neighbourly pages!Kids Venture
  2. St. Raphael’s Edible Garden
  3. Sanctuary Housing Association
  4. Dress For Success
  5. The Winch
  6. Share Community
  7. Achievement for All
  8. Artbox
  9. Sound Minds
  10. Thames Reach
  11. Body & Soul
  12. Grays Inn Community Roof Garden
  13. HustleBucks Fashion Show
  14. Burgess Park Food Project
  15. Mini Cooking Club
  16. Brixton Soup Kitchen
  17. Uncover Theatre
  18. The ClementJames Centre
  19. St. Mary's Hospital
  20. Brandon East Allotment Development
  21. BeyondAutism
  22. CAYSH
  23. Wide Horizons
  24. The Limes Zest Kitchen

The launch will kick off projects in a further 24 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland over the next 24 months. Led by Joanna Lumley and CEO Marc Bolland, the company aims to spark its 34 million customers into action by showing just what can be achieved in just one day when people come together united by a common goal.