Lidl Product Recall 13 March 2019

18 March 2019

There is a product recall in place for the item noted below. If you have this product because you have collected or purchased it from a Lidl store - please urgently follow these instructions:

Mister Choc Filled Chocolate Fingers Hazelnut Crisp, 200g

  • Lidl GB is recalling Mister Choc Filled Chocolate Fingers Hazelnut Crisp, 200g, as some packaging is not in English and the product contains hazelnuts, milk, soya, wheat and barley.
  • This only affects best before date 13.08.2019.
  • If you have this product and any of your service users have an allergy / intolerance to hazelnuts, milk, soya, wheat or barley, we advise it is not consumed. Instead, PLEASE DISPOSE OF IT SAFELY.
  • Other Mister Choc products or variants are not affected by this recall.
  • Further details and image: https://www.lidl.co.uk/statics/lidl-offering-uk/ds_doc/Mister_Choc_Filled_Chocolate_Fingers_Nuts_Crisp_Store_Poster_12.03.19.pdf

Lidl GB wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any queries or concerns about this you can contact: Lidl Customer Services on 0370 444 1234

If you have a Neighbourly Food related query please contact us: lidl@neighbourly.com or 0117 422 0855