Let’s get started!

20 September 2013
Hello and welcome to neighbourly! We’re thrilled to finally be up-and-running because we think neighbourly’s a game-changer for local community projects. Let me explain.I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’re more motivated than ever to do your bit for the local community. That’s how most of us feel these days – the world’s increasingly global and it’s up to all of us to protect what’s local.That’s if you had more time of course. Oh, and if you knew where to start. And if it were easier to get local companies to help out.Did you know that companies are more motivated than ever too? Think about it - companies need happy, healthy communities if they’re to be successful. Their employees and customers live in these communities, so working in partnership is not just good for society - it’s good for business too.And that’s where neighbourly comes in. neighbourly is designed specifically to help communities organise themselves and their projects in a way that helps companies get involved. And that’s good for everybody.And we do mean everybody! Everyone lives in a community, and every community has a project. The more projects that find their way to neighbourly, the more companies will get involved.So people - we’re calling on you to bring the noise! Let’s use the power of Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and make neighbourly the community game-changer it has the potential to be. Pass this on to local projects that are already up-and-running. Chat with your friends and neighbours – is neighbourly the tool you’ve been waiting for to get started? Do it now - neighbourly is free to use, free to projects and free of close-dates and red tape. What’s not to like?Over to you. Good luck!Nick