4 acts of kindness you can do from your office desk right now

1 September 2017

Out of all the things you'd like to bring to work with you, last night's leftovers, the weekend's glorious sunshine, your dog, maybe even your kids! - remember that kindness should be one of them. Do not leave it at home or at the door. Kindness is contagious so if you think there need to be a few extra smiles this morning, why not follow these few simple steps?

Compliment the person next to you

Not only do they feel appreciated and uplifted - you will too! Positivity is also contagious - it motivates and boosts self esteem and it's totally free. Try it - it might just be the boost you both need today.

Make a round

If your office is anything like Neighbourly HQ, we live for tea and coffee. But with so many mugs in one round, who will pull the short straw? How about throwing all the straws away?? They're bad for the environment anyway. Stand up, sneak off to the kitchen (you could do with the break away from your screen anyway right?) and make your co workers all a drink. This caffeinated act of kindness will surely bring a smile to everyone's faces, and probably counts you out for making the next few rounds this week.

Bring in a treat after lunch

It's a Neighbourly custom that anyone who takes a holiday brings back some exotic treat from their faraway destination, or in some cases, a bar of Toblerone from Heathrow Airport. While sweet treats are a lovely gift to give, your co-workers might appreciate something a little healthier. Whatever it is, a small random act of kindness you can all enjoy is bound to lift office spirits.

Give a fiver to a good cause

That £5 you were going to throw at another pint tonight could actually go to one of the many charity or community projects fundraising on Neighbourly. Let's face it, it could be that one pint that pushes you from "great night!" to "horrible hangover.." anyway. Not only will you feel good for being charitable, that project on Neighbourly will feel noticed, grateful and motivated to continue their fundraising efforts today.

How about trying a few of these, then let us know if they brightened your work day! Tweet us at @nbrly or find us on Facebook.

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