2 events in May that all helpful Glaswegians must know about

9 May 2017

There’s nowhere quite like Glasgow – known for its friendly people, effortless creativity and heroic community spirit (whatever the weather!) Every day, Glaswegians roll up their sleeves, fill a thermos and do their bit to create better opportunities for all; from support workers giving young homeless people of Glasgow the advice and kindness they need to change their situation, to groups of Uddingston residents teaming up to tackle local issues. This month, on 19th-21st May weekend is your chance to spend a day getting stuck into fun, rewarding activities alongside these local heroes.

During the 19th-21st May weekend, people across Glasgow are gathering together to take part in community events in this awesome city, one of four chosen to take part in The Body Shop’s Enriching Communities weekend along with Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. The Body Shop is inspiring their employees, customers and neighbours to grab their wellies and paint-brushes for causes they believe in. Read on to hear more about two of the best loved community projects in Glasgow and learn how you can join the action…

Stopover Project

It is incredibly important for young people experiencing homelessness to make their voice heard – especially when they may have been told that what they have to say is unimportant in the past. Many who turn to the Stopover are experiencing major difficulties like addiction, mental health problems or a history of abuse along with their housing needs, so things can feel quite intense for them at times. They would really benefit from a relaxing, pleasant outdoor space where they can enjoy a bit of fresh air and time out when everything gets a bit much.

The Stopover has a spacious garden that they would love to transform into a vibrant social gathering space. The possibilities of this outdoor social space are incredibly exciting; the young people would be able to enjoy barbeques there during the summer and learn how to grow their own vegetables. But for homeless projects like the Stopover that provide a high level of support, one of the most precious resources is manpower. With volunteers and staff working tirelessly to make sure the residents’ needs are looked after, tasks like improving the garden can often take a back seat.

On the 21st May, you can help brighten the Stopover garden with newly planted flowers, transform the old vegetable planters so the young people can take ownership of growing some of their own food, and arrange new garden furniture to create a welcoming seating area.

A great chance to make a difference for homeless people in Glasgow while putting your gardening skills into action!

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Uddingston Pride

Uddingston Pride is an environmental voluntary group of passionate residents who are striving to make their local area a better place to live. They thrive on making Uddingston beautiful throughout the year with seasonal flowers and community events that foster a shared sense of pride in their shared environment – from local school children learning how to use litter pickers for the first time to older residents pitching in to help make the arts and craft fair a success.

This passionate group epitomises the power of residents taking their environment into their own hands and inspiring fellow community members to get things done! You can sign up to help their big community clean up on the 20th May to enhance Crofthead Park, which has recently been renovated thanks to the efforts of Uddingston Pride.

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Projects like these and the inspiring teams behind them are what makes Glasgow such a unique place to live. Take a look at all the events taking place during the 19th-21st May weekend. Whether you’re passionate about creating opportunities for young people, enjoy creating works of art or simply love cuddling animals, there’s a way for you to be involved.

Don’t worry if you can’t sign up yourself; you can help by sharing the news across social to let your friends and family know they can sign up to join one of these exciting events: #InOurHands.

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