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Our award-winning food surplus scheme has redistributed over 19.5 million meals

Don’t let it go to waste

Neighbourly connects local stores that have surplus with charities, community groups and schools that can put it to good use in the community. We do this at scale, creating more connections for more people in more communities, more easily.

Our scheme also supports the donation of non-food items like household goods, cleaning products and toiletries. To collect surplus food, your organisation will need to have an FSA rating of 3 or above and/or a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate, dated within the last 2.5 years.

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Would you like to sign up for regular collections of surplus food or products for your charity, community project or school? Create your free Neighbourly page and we'll do our best to match you with a local store.

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Find out how your business can donate surplus food and products to local charities and community causes whilst reducing environmental impact.

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"Amazing partnership, this will help so many charities and other groups in the local area"

Mark Harvey

City Harvest

"It's great to be able to give the children fresh fruit on a daily basis. We are now spending less on food which helps so much"

Lin Corbell

Middle Park Community Centre

"Thank you so much - yesterday we fed about 250 people! What a great day"

Juli Thompson

The Storehouse Good Food Project

"It is just so simple for us, we turn up and pick up the food, and the guys in the store love it"

Stuart Cuthbert

Chesterfield Church in the Peak

Any further questions?

If there's something you're not sure about you might find the answer in our FAQs below. If it's not there, contact us on

Click on the 'Sign up to receive surplus' button above to create a free Neighbourly page. Add food donations as one of your goals and upload your FSA rating and Level 2 food hygiene certificate, dated within the last 2.5 years. We’ll attempt to match you with a local retailer and let you know how to set up your product alerts.
FSA ratings and food hygiene certificates are needed if you are collecting food surplus. They are evidence that the donated food is being handled and redistributed safely. These documents should be uploaded when you set up your page, or can be emailed to the food team.
Neighbourly technology is helping to divert millions of meals worth of edible food and surplus products away from waste and into the hands of those who can use make good use of it. We also connect these good causes with financial donations and volunteers as well.
Certificates are easy to obtain and don’t take long to complete. Your local council can advise on the types of courses available or you can have a look at online courses – search for ‘Food hygiene certificate level 2’.
If your business has surplus food or products, we’d love to talk to you about redistribution. Get in touch via
Please see this link for full Terms of Use for our Food and Non-food redistribution schemes: Please email if you have any queries.


Neighbourly helps fix the problem of surplus food and products by connecting businesses that have items to donate with local charities. Register today.